With the Healthspan Porthcawl 10K fast approaching, Healthspan have put together some top tips to help ensure you keep up.

The right shoe

Suitable footwear is vital for ensuring injury free training and a comfortable race. Consider investing in a good pair of shoes or even getting yourself fitted at a sports shoe shop.

Different runners require a different type of shoe depending on how they run – placing more weight on the inside or outside of their foot. Remember, to avoid blisters don’t buy a new pair of trainers the week before the race – and give time to wear your footwear in.


It’s time to recover

Recovery between training runs can be just as important as the frequency and intensity of your sessions. Make sure you give your body time to recover –this is when you get stronger!

This is also a good time to repair your body with the right diet. Consume more protein as this helps with muscle repair and regeneration. Also, Healthspan Elite’s Performance Cherry is a natural source of antioxidants which helps with muscle recovery, and it is also a good source of melatonin, the hormone to help you sleep, which is also important for body recovery.

Stretch those muscles

Stretching and warm ups are vital to prevent injury. Stretching after a run helps you to cool down gradually and improves your flexibility.


Mix it up

Variety is the spice of life. Mixing up your training sessions can help keep you motivated. Rather than just running on road in your local area try a run away from home, in the gym or at your local track. Changing your route to incorporate hills is also a good idea, as they improve your leg strength, general fitness and quicken your stride.


In the right gear

There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Ensure you have the correct clothing for Welsh Weather and there will never be an excuse to miss a session!


Eating and nutrition – make carbohydrates your best friend!

Eat well in the days leading up to the race – increase your carbohydrate intake and avoid alcohol or unhealthy snacks! Don’t be tempted to indulge in a large meal before a training run or on the morning of race day, regular light snacking is ideal.


The right amount of H20!

It is vital that you stay hydrated during the race. Take regular sips of water but be careful not to drink too much as this can have a negative effect and make you uncomfortable.

Also, consider adding a Healthspan Elite Activ Hydrate effervescent tablet to your water bottle. As you sweat you lose essential nutrients called electrolytes, this can lead to nasty side effects such as nausea and cramping. Activ Hydrate helps to replace the electrolytes lost as you exercise.


…And relax

It may seem hard but try and find time to relax, this will help you physically and mentally prepare for the race. Reduce the amount of training you do in the lead up to race day, as this gives your body a chance to recover. A few light runs the days before is ideal.


The night before

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before race day and spend the day before off your feet – this helps hydration and combats nerves. Lay out your gear before you go to sleep and make sure you arrive in plenty of time to load into your start wave at the correct time. Race packs will arrive in the post a couple of weeks before the race!


The route

The Healthspan Porthcawl 10K will take place on fully closed-roads and has been devised by Race Director and double Olympic marathon runner Steve Brace, who has intimate knowledge of the local area.

The race will start and finish in a festival atmosphere outside the historic Porthcawl Pavilion on the Promenade and will showcase the very best of the seaside town.

Runners will be treated to panoramic views across Newton Bay, Trecco Bay, Sandy Bay as they race through Trecco Bay Holiday Park and Coney Beach Pleasure Park, before setting off on the second-half of their 10K journey.

Live music will give the mass race a much-needed boost through the heart of the town’s shopping district on John Street. As they conclude their 10K journey, runners will be treated to views of Rest Bay before the famous Porthcawl Lighthouse comes into view to signal a sprint finish along the Promenade.